I am very sad to share that during the renovation of this website there was an unfortunate technical mishap. My blog got lost.


A backup? They thought they had one, and although they tried diligently to recover it, there was no success.


We were left with only a few folders of some photos and no text and sometimes, unfortunately, mistakes happen.


Gratefully, a few of the posts are still on The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences website and almost all of my published reviews and articles can be found on ISSU.


A tiny memorial of pictures from my old blog:

….in the spirit of letting go, grieving and moving on 🙂



This blog, which I am titling «Latest News» is a new beginning.  It’s a fresh start and hopefully one that brings new perspectives.  The old one chronicled many years of travels, it was the culmination of hard work, a product of hundreds of hours of creation. I will miss it.


Goodbye old blog. It’s time to start over and I invite you all to join me on that new journey.


I look forward to sharing my experiences, my insights and whatever else I may post here on my new website with you.


Thank you for reading!