It is a culinary treat to visit Time Out Market, also known as the Mercado da Ribeira or Mercade 24 de Julho.  The renovated space is home to one of Lisbon’s oldest fresh food markets. Its history dates back to 1892.


At the turn of the Century, Portuguese fishermen would moor their ships across the street in the Tagus river. Afterwards, they would bring their fresh catches over to the market for sale to the public. Although circumstances have changed, the market remains one of Lisbon’s largest of its kind and is still one of the city’s largest commercial centers.


Visiting Time Out Market in Lisbon


Visiting Time Out Market – New and Renovated

Time Out Magazine currently operates the main ground floor area of the market.  They renovated the space and opened the new market in May 2014.  They converted the 75,000-square-foot area into a modern food court that hosts 35 different eatery stalls with a seating capacity for 500 people. In addition, there are several outdoor terraces to accommodate seating for another 250 people.

This 5- million-euro renovation is a wonderful example of the new Lisbon spirit in action. Before Time Out assumed the market renovation, the neighborhood, Cais do Sodre, was quite seedy and home to Lisbon’s red light district. Today it is quite chic, trendy and a coveted place to see and be seen.



The Time Out Market has many bars, restaurants and shops.  They serve everything from meats, cheeses, seafood, sushi, to beer and wine. There are also sardine and plant shops and a whole lot of other little treasures to discover. Overall, this is a space to be enjoyed with friends and family and also to hang out and spend some time. The hall is filled with long wooden communal tables and free wi-fi, both of which encourage conversation and casual lingering.

A nice feature of the Time Out market is its dedication to promoting a handful of Lisbon’s local, celebrated Chefs such as Marlene Vieira, Miguel Castro Silva, Alexandre Silva and Henrique Sá Pessoa Each one has a specialized kiosk in the market in their respective name.

The traditional market still exists next door.  It has a very different ambiance yet is still the best place in the city to buy fresh fish and flowers.

On Sunday morning there is a Collectors Fair that takes place in the market from 9am-2pm where they sell interesting coins, stamps and other cultural memorbilia.



Tourist Hype: The Time Out Market is worth the trip, but it’s a tad over-hyped and glossy. It is best to go and explore during off-hours such as morning.  It gets very crowded around meal times and this may distract from fully enjoying the experience.



Avenida 24 de Julho



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