Visit Templo de Sol Ecuador to meet celebrated artist, Ortega Maila.

Ortega is one of Ecuadors most famous Artists.  He is most known for painting very rapidly and often finishes a painting in less than five minutes.  The most remarkable aspect of his work is that he paints using just his fingers and occasionally, only a small brush to work on the tiny details.

Visit Templo del Sol Ecaudor

Templo del Sol is located adjacent to the Pululagua GeoBotanical Reserve, which is one of Ecuador’s dormant volcanos and close to the Mitad del Mundo.  It is easy to access the location from Quito by bus, car or taxi.


Visitors can take daily tours of the Templo del Sol and there is also a magnificent and large sculpture garden.

My experience

I visited Templo del Sol recently to interview Ortega.  We began with a tour of the museum starting on the bottom at the Sun Dial.  This sun dial is a restored version of the original one that is used to tell time wth natural light.  The Dial is right on the equatorial line so its really fun to try and balance an egg on a nail here and/or walk the line trying to maintain your balance.

The museum

We then went to the top floors where he has most of his paintings.  There are some pieces of sculpture there as well but they majority of those can be found outside in the sculpture garden.

Visit Templo del Sol Ecuador

We stopped for a bit in his work studio which is located as well in the Temple.  There he painted me a beautiful landscape of the Ecuadorian Amazon.  I will treasure it for years to come.

Visit Templo del Sol Ecuador


Visit Templo del Sol Ecuador

After our interview I received another amazing surprise.  There was a small reception set up to literally unveil two more pieces of his work.  They happened to be two portraits of Donald Trump.  One alone and one with me! I was so surprised and deeply honored to receive these beautiful works.

Ecuador TCTV made a lovely segment about the visit and you can watch it HERE

Visit Templo del Sol Ecuador

It was a special day that I will not forget for a long time.  I highly recommend that you visit Templo de Sol!