The LX Factory is a converted industrial space in Lisbon.  It was originally built in the 19th century as a manufacturing hub.

At some point, the space went vacant.  Then the city abandoned it for decades.

In 2012 LX Factory re-opened into a renovated, urban open air space.  They preserved the cast iron facades and the cobblestone roads.  They opened retail shops and offices.  And they brought new life to the area.

It now symbolizes positive energy and growth in Lisbon.  The LX Factory is hip, modern and happening.

The LX Factory celebrates independence and individuality. There are no major international chain brands represented there and the vibe is eclectic and urban.

Many locals refer to it as “El-Sheesch.”  El-Sheesch is a local slang term that means Lisbon.

LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal, Karen Lynn Dixon

A «Creative Island» in Lisbon

LX Factory is Lisbon’s “Creative Island.» Local artists and poets love to meet there to discuss new ideas and cutting edge philosophies.

Over 150 different companies and businesses occupy the LX Factory space.  It is a mix of restaurants, cafes, antique and furniture stores, alternative fashion shops and art galleries.

One of the most entertaining stores at LX Factory is Muitimuito.  Muitimuto sell Portuguese antiques and curiosities.  They have a nice mix of large, small and even tiny items.

I also recommend a visit to Landeau Chocolate.  They serve a delicious, dense chocolate cake worth the visit.

On Sundays they host an open-air market dedicated to vintage clothing, organic foods and artisanal products.


Something you may not know: Some of the coolest examples of public art in the space adorn the LX Factory Parking lot. Check it out even if you do not drive there and park your car.




Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103
(Located just outside of the center of Lisbon in the River District of Alcantara)
1300, Lisbon



9am-12 midnight, daily