Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito is Ecuador’s only 100 percent Vegan restaurant.  It is nestled in a restored municipal park overlooking the picturesque village, Guápulo.
Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito Ecuado


The restaurant is a non-for profit project.  Libera Ecuador, a foundation, owns Tandana and is also involved in activism.  They support causes that make the world a better place.  Some of the issues they advocate are climate change, sustainability and animal rights.

Tandana Vegan Restaurant Quito Ecuador

The food at Tandana is delicious and one hundred percent Vegan.  The majority of the seating is a theatre style set up.  The view of Guápalo is center stage.  So is the food!

Tandana is dedicated to everything vegan and all plant-based foods.  The restaurant even offers free cooking classes to the public to explain the value of plant based ingredients, its proper preparation and best way to combine flavors.  They hope that people make more healthy choices through increased awareness.


Sunday Brunch

Tandana offers an amazing brunch on Sundays.  All of the food is all organic, fresh and full of flavor. There are many choices to choose from.  You don’t need to be Vegan to appreciate them.

The Sunday brunch has become a well known event in Quito.  Many people enjoy spending a late morning here.  On sunny, clear days, the large windows really showcase the view.  The windows stretch across the entire back facade of the restaurant. It is easy to pass hours here watching the trees rustle in the gentle breeze.


The Garden

Tandana workers toil in the local ‘alternative’ garden.  It is alternative because it is accessible to everyone, not just the restaurant.  The garden grows all of the herbs that are used in Tandana.  Old tires have a new purpose here and are used inside Tandana as planters.


Recycled and Reclaimed

Recycled products decorate Tandana’s interior.  The wood is scrap, the iron for the chairs reclaimed and the lighting is made from old beer bottles.