I had the honor to meet Su Man, the Founder of Su-Man Skincare, while she was in NYC. On behalf of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, I awarded her with a Five Star Diamond Award for her skin care product line. It’s outstanding and represents every facet of excellence!

Su Man is an innovative entrepreneur.  I really enjoyed interviewing her to learn more about her work and her passion to create her skincare line.


My life has been a series of beautiful accidents that have all merged into each other naturally. I grew up in a mud hut in a farm in Taiwan. I discovered dance at 19 and went on to be a professional dancer and learned the pleasure and freedom of doing something without words.

After retiring I discovered my second love – Shiatsu that helped me understand the connection between physical and emotional wellbeing. Out of this I created my own facial technique and went onto being a facialist. I was so unhappy with the products I was using for my facials. They were too heavy and ineffective, so I decided to create my own.

The Products

I wanted products that replicated my professional treatment and would work with simple application techniques. The formulas started at home in my kitchen. I tested them on my countless clients and was thrilled by the results and so were they. It meant they could take my facial magic home. I then sent the formulas to two labs in France and Taiwan to refine for mass production. This is how Su-Man Skincare was born.

I like to think what you get with my skincare is «the wisdom of ten thousand faces”. That’s at least how many people I’ve treated!

Su Man's beauty advice

The essence of your brand?

Su-Man Skincare is about giving people happy, healthy and energized skin.  I like people to look forward instead of backwards when it comes to achieving radiant youthful looking skin.


What does beauty mean to you?

To me true beauty is about enhancing and getting the very best out of who we are and not who we think we should be. True beauty is not fake! Unfortunately modern life puts us under pressure to present a perfect picture of ourselves and takes away the authenticity of being a human being.

Su Man’s Beauty Advice:

Don’t disconnect your emotional and physical wellbeing. Start young, start well and never stop!

We can do Botox, fillers, facelifts to make ourselves look twenty but nothing can lift your internal organs if they are aged and damaged. These quick fixes will never recapture the light we were born with, which is so essential for youthfulness.

Radiance is not just luminous skin but shining eyes, a shining presence which is felt as well as seen. So anti ageing is not just about the face – it is wellbeing of the whole body.

Apart from using good products and knowing how to use them, age prevention can be achieved through healthy diet, being well hydrated inside and out (dehydration is horrible for ageing), a positive attitude to life and ourselves, and exercise.

Suggestions for vitamins?

Vitamin C – naturally found in skin, helps collagen production and protects cell from free radical damage (guavas, oranges, berries, papayas…)

Vitamin E – helps against UV damage and with Vitamin C can boost anti ageing protection (almonds, sunflower seeds, broccoli, avocado, green beans…)

Selenium – protects skin quality and elasticity and best found in food (Brazil nuts, tuna, oyster, brown rice…)

A simple exercise I do a few times a day is a deep squat sit. It releases the ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders. This opens up the energy channels in the body and keeps it alive and supple.

The Su-Man facial mask?

We believe that youthful skin is best achieved by balancing prevention, correction and protection. Having good daily skincare ritual is important but we also need on occasion give our skin extra attention.

Facial masks have been used in Asian skincare regimes for years. It’s part of an overall skincare maintenance program. They are perfect way to unwind and give the skin extra nourishment. You only need to apply them once a week.

Su Man's beauty advice

My personal favorite use of my mask is to apply it after a long haul flight. It restores hydration, radiance, energy and firmness. Try it, you’ll be amazed!

Thoughts on deep cleansing skin with gadgets or peels?

I don’t believe in any skincare gadgets as they are soulless!

Your hands can feel the skin’s texture, temperature, and muscle stagnation and apply appropriate pressure to deal with these problems. No machine has that level of finesse or subtlety. As a facialist, touch is very important to me. Through touching you build a physical and emotional connection between yourself and your client. That’s the starting point for transforming the skin and making it look and feel reborn!

Harsh treatments such as chemical peel might instantly make your skin looks better but often they make your skin become fragile and vulnerable, which over time weakens and lead to it looking older than it should. Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint!

Su Man's beauty advice


What is next?

Well, one should always have little secrets to look forward to so I won’t tell you more but I can tell you some beautiful wonder products are on the way. So watch this space! Haha!