Do you enjoy drinking port wine?  If so, I highly recommend a visit to Porto, Portugal.  You can find wine cellars throughout the city for port wine tasting.  Plus the city is off the beaten path of Portugal’s tourist destinations.  It is authentic and non-commercial.


Grahams 1890 offers a great tour and port tasting.  The beautifully renovated facility is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, a part of Porto that is located across the Douro river from the main city.

The Symington family own and operate the Grahams 1890 brand and restored the cellar with all of its original features and splendor.  Here you can feel the legacy and craftsmanship of several generations.


The Tour

The tour begins in the screening room. There they show a short movie about the history of the wine production. The next part includes some time in the Grahams 1890 museum where there are some nice artifacts, as well as a lot of Grahams 890 memorabilia.  A guide then joins the tour and leads the bulk of it through the actual wine cellar, a space currently active and in full operation, with over 2000 oak casks.  The tour is very through and ends in a state of the art tasting room.

The entire facility is modern and comfortable.  Big windows allow for lots of natural light to enter the space.

The Tasting

At the end of the tour guests can opt for a port wine tasting.  There are different tasting options: classic premium port and premium tawny.