Photo Shoot Ecuador Event Professionals

I always enjoy working with Ecuador’s premier event professionals.  They always ensure that all of the details are correct.

The Team

The photo shoot was a lot of fun.  We staged it at a beautiful luxury apartment complex located in Quito, Ecuador.  We used the apartment to prep and then we went to the outside lawn area to make the shoot.

Raynner Alba, the photographer, is one of the country’s newest and rising talents.  He is based in Cuenca, Ecuador.

This one was one of my favorite shots that I am also using on this website:

Photo Shoot Ecuador Event Professionals

Karina Vicuña of Karina Eggo Peluqueria Novias did my hair and makeup.

I have worked with Karina before in other photo shoots. I always appreciate her professionalism and talent.  Karina’s salon, Karina Eggo Peluqueria Novias, is located in Quito.

David Moscoso, celebrated Ecuadorian artist, painted my face and his partner Esteban Pozo helped with design and production.  David and Esteban have their own Wedding and Event company. They work frequently in Cuenca, but are based in Quito.  They are also ABC Wedding representatives for the city of Ambato, Ecuador.

This team of professionals work well together.  They also have a lot of experience working weddings and special events.

For more information about each of them:

Raynner Alba: Facebook and Instagram

David Moscoso: Facebook

Esteban Pozo: Facebook

Karina Vicuña: Facebook

Are you interested to start a Wedding photography business?  If so, may this article give you some valuable guidance.