During a recent trip to Quito I was introduced to Osaka, a Nikkei cuisine style restaurant with several locations throughout Latin America.


Some of my most favorite culinary discoveries occur in my travels when I meet the perfect fusion of two different cultures.  The dishes appear familiar from some foreign land I once traveled, yet they exude an undeniable local expression. Nikkei Cuisine is just that!


Nikkei is the master blending of Japanese and Peruvian style cuisines that resulted from the influx of Japanese people to Peru over the past century.  Although many of these Japanese immigrants assimilated seamlessly into the Peruvian culture, they did not forget their culinary roots.  They found ways to bring their Japanese heritage into the Peruvian cuisine.


Interestingly enough, the evolution over the generations has now resulted into yet a new cultural gastronomic twist.  The phenomena is called Nikkei and it is actually the reverse.  Its Japanese cuisine, but with a Peruvian twist.


Some Nikkei Style Dishes at Osaka:


The Ambiance

Osaka is a stylish, bistro style dining experience.  I love the wooden decor accented with deep oranges and the dim lit overhead lighting encased in straw basket casing that casts an overall warm glow.



The bar is alluring and a great place to have a pre-diner cocktail.  The mixologists are just as creative with the cocktails as they are with the cuisine.


I highly recommend Osaka if you have the chance to dine there in Quito.