Lenny's Indian Head Inn Seafood

Lenny’s Indian Head Inn Seafood is one of the best places in the world for seafood.  The restaurant has international acclaim and many fans from worldwide.
The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has bestowed Lenny’s a Five Star Diamond Award for their excellence in the category of Seafood Dining.
Lenny’s is located in Branford, CT.  They opened in 1939 and been owned and operated by the Conlin family since 1968.  Chef Chris and his family are dedicated and passionate about their work. Lenny’s sources its fresh lobsters from both Maine and Nova Scotia.

StarDiamond TV visited Lenny’s in early May to chat with Chef Chris and his team.

How did this all begin?

«My parents bought this restaurant in 1968 and I’ve been here ever since».

Define Excellence? 

«Pride and ownership.  Coming in every day and doing what we need to do».

What is your favorite ingredient?


What does your work mean to you?

«I enjoy coming in every day.  My work is different every day.  There is no repetition.  Everything is different. There is always gonna be a different situation that is arising.  There is gonna be a lot of different things that come up. So solve what comes in and, you know, it kind of works….somehow.»

Tell us about your team?

«We all are focused with each other. We are part of a team.  There is no ‘I’ in team.»

What does success mean to you?

«Success means on Mothers Day a thousand covers can go out and not one comes back with any complaints… We do that consistently.»

Anything else?

You know, come ‘on down.  We’ll be here for you.  No problem.»