I had a great experience working with Hola Magazine Quito Ecuador.  They organized a team of fantastic wedding professionals to make the photo shoot.

HOLA Magazine Quito Photo Shoot

The Interview

Nathalie Moeller, writer, interviewed me over lunch in the beautiful Casa Ganotena hotel.  The hotel is located in the historical section of Quito and is considered to be one of the best in Ecuador.  Nathalie and I spoke about my new seminar project Living Your Luxury and about the development of high end services in the country.   I had just presented one of my seminars in Quito a week before we met.  I presented to a group of wedding and event professionals at the JW Marriott Hotel.  The event was organized by Carolina Muzo of Mi Boda Magica, who is also the Director of the Association of Bridal Consultants in Ecuador.  Nathalie wanted to know all about ABC, my seminar and what I thought about the future of luxury in Ecuador.

The photo shoot

I was very fortunate to have the chance to work again with Patricio Calle.  He is one of the country’s best photographers for portraits and weddings.  I had also worked with him a few days prior during a photo shoot at the home of Art Collector Sylvia Reyes.  The occasion was staged to showcase some of Ecuador’s best wedding talent.  I had the chance to experience it all first hand.

HOLA Magazine Quito Photo Shoot Karen Lynn Dixon

Patricio Calle photographed me in several areas of the hotel.  We shot in the lobby, a suite and also on the rooftop.  I am so happy the photos, I have used several of them here on this website.

HOLA Magazine Quito Photo Shoot

Tania Sanchez, my intern at the time, assisted us with the production.  As always, she did a wonderful job.

HOLA Magazine Quito Photo Shoot

Makeup Artist

Before the photo shoot I traveled to the salon of Jorge Poveda. Jorge is one of the best make up artists in Ecuador.  In addition to his salon, he also works as the head makeup artist for an Ecuadorian TV Station.  He did an incredible job with both my hair and make up.  It lasted all day and was not over done.  I can see why so many brides want to work with him on their wedding day.