Discover flavorful Portuguese Cuisine in Lisbon, Portugal.  I recommend Cantinho Do Avillez for its array of robust and beautiful dishes.  The menu reflects the full spectrum of Portuguese cuisine.

Flavorful Portuguese Cuisine at Cantinho Restaurant

Some Flavorful Portuguese Cuisine at Cantinho Do Avillez:

These are some of the best dished on the menu.  I highly recommend trying them all.


Celebrated Portuguese Chef José Avillez launched his restaurant career with Cantinho do Avillez.  It is his first restaurant in Lisbon.  He now has three with more with new ones in planning stages.  Cantinho is a more casual setting than Belcanto, his 2 Star Michelin restaurant located down the street.  The tables are bare, the food is served in iron caskets and the wait staff is attentive but on the move.

Cantinho do Avillez overall, is very accessible.  There are no reservations needed and even though it attracts big crowds, the tables turn fast and the dining rooms can accommodate many people.

The most memorable aspect at Cantinho is the expression of strong flavors and unique textures. Chef Avillez does not hold back the utilization of Portuguese spices and raw flavor.  The food flavors are bold but not overwhelming.

They also have a great drink menu that includes both mixed signature cocktails as well as local wines. The wait staff is adept at suggesting the proper pairings as well as enthusiastic to encourage a fun culinary journey.


Cantinho Do Avillez
Rua Duques de Braganca 7
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 199 2369