Experience a cloud forest luxury adventure in Ecuador at Mashpi Lodge.  Mashpi is a state of the art lodge that unites upscale comfort with an intense immersion into nature.
The Lodge is part of  National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World .  Mashpi is up to par with all International hospitality standards.  Built with a minimum footprint, their goal is to preserve the environment for future generations.



Cloud Forrest Luxury Adventures

Mashpi invites guests to discover a magical eco system that envelops the lodge.  The lodge is located in the Choco Rain forest. Mashpi has a 1,300 hectare (3,200 acres) wonderland to explore.


They have designed the guests stay to indulge the senses with several adventures.  To best experience Mashpi, book for at least 2 nights/three days.  Metropolitan Touring, the Operator of Mashpi and the largest and most recognized Tour Operator in Ecuador has mastered this itinerary.  It always delights guests.  Everyone feels fulfilled when they depart Mashpi.
Experience a cloud forest luxury adventure\


Bird Watching

Mashpi has several opportuniteis for bird watching.  They have a special reserve dedicated to hummingbirds.  There is an excursion to this reserve for Hummingbird watching.  The Mashpi guides are very adept at spotting different species of Hummingbirds.  They also reference a guidebook that is very helpful.  There is also a scheduled bird watching every early morning on the Observatory Deck.


During this excursion, the Mashpi guides organized a little snack for our group with some tea sandwiches and wine.  They created a lovely setting for us.


Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

Mashpi has a multitude of waterfalls and swimming holes to visit and explore.  Water is a big part of Mashpi!


My favorite excursion was the Cucharillos Hike.  There is a powerful waterfall that is so inviting. I loved bathing in this swimming hole and feeling the waterfall rushing down the rocks.  There is a smaller, calmer waterfall further down the stream.  We stopped there too.


Observatory Tower

There are many places to get panoramic views of Mashpi.  The Observatory Tower is a perfect place to get an expansive panoramic view. The climb iseight stories high (26m or 85 feet).  It also fun to swing on a vine swig that is near the base of the station.


The «Sky Bike»

The Sky bike is an excursion that brings the guest to an adventure over the canopy of the trees. This is an excellent experience.  It is designed for two people to ride together at once.   The Sky Bike travels along a cable that is 200 meters or 655 feet long.



The Dragon Fly

This 40 min ride traverses the Cloud Forrest above the canopy of trees.

Experience a cloud forest luxury adventure in Ecuador at Mashpi Lodge.  Mashpi is a state of the art hotel that unites upscale comfort with an intense immersion into nature.

Butterfly Watching

Mashpi has a Life Center that is dedicated to learning and discovery.  It is also a wonderful place to relax.  There is a butterfly reserve in the Life Center.  They feature the entire growth process from eggs to pupae to chrysalis to beautiful butterfly. There are over a dozen different specie of butterfly to observe at the Life Center.



Night Walks

Every evening Mashpi hosts an optional night walk.  These walks are a chance to see the forrest completely differently. They are led by an expert guide.


Little Details of Nature

There are lovely little details to appreciate throughout the Mashpi experience.


Excellent Service and Gastronomy