Chef Farid Oualidi is the culinary leader of La Ferme. The restaurant is located in Boca Raton and is Florida’s premier French Bistro dining experience.  La Ferme means The Farm in French.

Chef and his team are dedicated to using the most fresh ingredients possible. They find mostly everything they need in their local markets.

Exec Chef Farid Oualidi:

Chef Farid left NYC in 2001 to make a new life in Florida.  He quickly landed a job at celebrated Del Ray Beach restaurant, La Cigale.  In 2008 he moved further a little south to Fort Lauderdale.  There he worked a few years at The Atlantic Hotel, then named Trina.  This was followed with an experience at Michelle restaurant located in West Oakland Park. In 2011 Chef relocated to Chicago. After two years there he started to miss sunny Florida and its beautiful beaches. in 2014 he moved back to the sunshine state when a friend contacted him to tell him about La Ferme. Since then, the rest is history.

Five Star Diamond Award

Now in 2018 Chef Farid has played a big part in La Ferme’s recognition as one of the worlds best restaurants.  In March of 2018 The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has awarded La Ferme with a 2018 Star Diamond Award.

Exec Chef Farid Oualidi

La Ferme is Florida’s premier French Bistro dining experience.  Here is what Exec Chef Farid shared with Star Diamond TV:

What is the concept of La Ferme?

La Ferme offers a mediterranean influenced cuisine with a french touch.

How do you define excellence?

I don’t think it exists.  We seek it.  Just like perfection.  Perfection is what you are satisfied with.

What is your favorite ingredient?

Virgin Olive Oil


It is simple. It absolutely tastes great. Its healthy.  And it doesn’t require much.

What is it like to be awarded by the AAHS?

It is very satisfying.  It shows people are paying attention to what we are doing.  It makes you feel better.  And you want to be even better once you get rewarded for something you’ve done. And that’s something we do on a daily basis.  Its a team work, not just one person.

What does your work mean to you?

I definitely look forward to coming to work.  Once I am in the kitchen I am in my element. Its like a mother with her child. Thats my child, the kitchen.  Once I am in there I am totally intense. I am in a different zone.  As opposed to sitting out here, I’m kind of…scared.

Tell us about your team

We are a dysfunctional family.  We love one another. And we would love to stab on another but we can’t. Its just all business.

Anything else?

Come to La Ferme