Esteban Pozo Wedding and Events Design
Behind the helm at Esteban Pozo Wedding and Event Design is a most dynamic pair.  They know how to create beautifully unique, stylish and memorable moments.  Their designs bring a perfect balance of aesthetics and an undeniable touch of class to every event.
Celebrated Ecuadorian artist, David Moscoso and Esteban Pozo have been in business for 15 years. Today they continue to innovate and express the most amazing design throughout all of their events. They style all kinds of events from weddings to anniversaries as well as corporate parties.
They are the winning team that discerning clients throughout Ecuador call to make their special occasions the most memorable.   Esteban Pozo’s amazing wedding designs are most recognized.  They transform spaces into magical wonderlands where anything is possible.

Elegant and inviting ambiances


Mastery in the details

The combination of David Moscoso’s artistic eye along with Esteban Pozo’s fine tuned aesthetic ability is something to be seen.  David is one of Ecuador’s most famous artists and he applies his creativity to his events by expertly mixing colors and playing with different shapes and forms. Esteban has a super keen eye for detail and understands the importance of balance executed with authentic expression. It’s always the details that speak to the truth of someones work and here we see their brilliance in action.

Esteban has a special penchant for working with orchids, a beautiful natural gift of Mother Nature to Ecuador.  I love how he knows exactly how to complement the natural radiance of this amazing flower.

Table Settings

The anchor of all banquet style events is always the table. And the table’s particular style sets the mood for the many moments that are enjoyed in its setting.

The Church

Welcoming yet respectful, these lovely floral details enhance the inherent grace of the Church’s interior.

Bravo Esteban Pozo Diseños Integral y Eventos