Ecuador Mucki’s:


Off the beaten path
Located in El Tingo,  a small village outside of Quito, Ecuador

Check In Ecuador: Mucki's Check In Ecuador: Mucki's


Cozy and Nostalgic Restaurant
Elegant Dining Options
Family owned and Operated
Not touristy


Traditional German with Ecuadorian influence

Must try item on the menu:

Lamb chop

Vegan Options:



Thomas Contag is the Owner, the Manager and the Head Waiter
No printed Menu

What to Bring:

Family, friends, your camera

The Local Perscpective:

A place to go on weekends with family and friends for brunch
Politicians and VIPs dine here during the week.  It is secluded and private.

What time to go:

Lunch or Dinner Monday thru Sunday, but always call in advance for weekend reservations.

What season to go?

Any time of year is great to visit.

Good for Families?


Good for Weddings and large groups?


Highlights I love:

How to get there from Quito:

Car, taxi or bus

Check In Ecuador: Mucki’s FACTS:

Mucki’s was founded 40 years ago by Thomas Contag’s German born parents who immigrated to Quito, Ecuador.

All of the vegetables are grown in Mucki’s organic farm.

Thomas still books all reservations personally by phone.