Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Carrion (CCE) Quito Ecuador is a wonderful place to discover Ecuadorian culture.  They host various exhibits throughout the year that celebrate local artists and musicians.

The CCE is located close to the historic downtown are and within walking distance to the Hilton Colon Hotel as well as Quito’s famous outdoor market.

During this visit, I  learned about the CCE’s new development plans and explored the different buildings that are all part of the center.  They have numerous galleries dedicated to different kinds of art as well as a cinema and theatre.  The selection of art ranges from contemporary to indigenous styles of art as well as murals and cultural artifacts.



The CCE complex is quite large and one could easily spend the day there exploring all of the exhibits.  There is a lot to see there and surprisingly, very few crowds.  The CCE although very active in its calendar of promotions, appears to be little known to tourists.  Therefore, I suspect that at least for now, there are hardly any lines.  I found it super easy to move about through the galleries.

I also had the chance to meet the President of the CCE, Camilo Restrepo Guzmán.  He had recently accepted this new position and shared with me that he will soon be launching many new projects at the CCE.  

It appeared that they were renovating the modern art gallery with plans to expand their collection in the near future. This could be really interesting as Ecuador has many talented artists to feature. I hope they are represented on CCE’s walls soon.

I thank Jeimi Chiluisa, Journalist at Casa de la Cultura, for her assistance with the tour.  It was a fun experience for me and I hope to return there again soon.

Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Carrion