The Belcanto tasting menu is a wonderful dining experience. It exudes authenticity and quality.  The restaurant is one of the best fine dining options in Lisbon, Portugal.  It is also the only 2 Star Michelin in the city.


History of Belcanto


In 2012 Chef José Avillez re-opened Belcanto to launch his personal culinary concept.  He chose the same location in Sao Carlos Square as the original Belcanto, founded in 1958.  Chef Avillez utilizes the Belcanto Tasting Menu to showcase the best of Portuguese cuisine to the world.


Belcanto Tasting Menu Lisbon, Portugal


Belcanto Tasting Menu Lisbon

Belcanto’s tasting menu represents a culinary journey through Portugal.

Chef Avillez plays creatively with traditional Portuguese flavors to tell a story.  He and his team are inspired by heritage Portuguese recipes.   A great example of this inspiration is the ‘Grilled Sardine’. The dish features a single sardine presented on a block of stone.  This culinary particular presentation pays homage to the traditional Portuguese method of grilling sardines on rocks.

The ‘Port and Tonic’ Amuse Bouche represents the iconic ceramic tiles of Lisbon.  The white slab of stone represents the city’s famous tiles.



Every dish on the Belcanto Tasting menu Lisbon has a cultural story.  The presentation is very creative. One of my favorite dishes is the Ferrero Rocher.  It is a dollup of foie gras hidden inside a molecular walnut.  They serve it on cocoa nibs with a touch of gold foil.


Belcanto Tasting Menu Lisbon, Portugal

A ‘Ferro Rocher’ candy that you are not expecting


The Belcanto tasting menu is full of color, subtle tastes and art.

Portuguese wines at Belcanto

The dishes on the Belcanto Tasting Menu are paired with an array of Portuguese wines.  On occasion, they even use a beer or spirit to really capture the cultural identity of the dish.  It also creates a nice surprise.



Chef Jose Avillez

José Avillez in my interview with him said he enjoys “making food about flavor.” He continues

“one can feel the soul of a country and a cook by the flavor of the dishes and the cuisine that one tastes»

He opened his first restaurant, Cantinho Do Avillez, in 2011. It is located only a few blocks away from Belcanto. The Cantinho is a casual and comfortable restaurant.  Its dishes are packed with intense and robust flavors. I wrote about it here.
Chef Avillez is iconic in Lisbon as an entrepreneur and as a Chef. He has 6 thriving dining establishments throughout Lisbon.  He did all of this work in just three years.   His core philosophy is to provide

«good food and hospitality, while always trying to be better and to improve upon what has already been done.»


Belcanto requires a reservation.  The wait is over 2 weeks long.  And this is just the beginning for Avillez and his team.  He plans to open more conceptual restaurants in Lisbon in the future while he continues to re-invent and re-define traditional culinary concepts.



A Star is Born:
In 2012 Anthony Bordain filmed “No Reservations” in Lisbon.  Bordain featured José Avillez as a guest Chef on the show and Avillez became famous after the TV episode with the help of Bordain’s exposure to his talent.



Largo de São Carlos, 10,
1200-410 Lisbon
+351 213 420 607



Tuesday – Saturday
Closed Sunday & Monday