AAHS awards Cafe Mosaico Quito Ecuador ‘World Class View’

American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) awarded Cafe Mosaico with a Five Star Diamond Award in the category of Touristic Destination.  Cafe Mosaico has a ‘World Class View of the Heart of Quito.»

This is the place to visit in Quito, Ecuador.  The view is beautiful day or night.  It is an iconic destination and a must see visit in the city.

Cafe Mosaico, Quito, EcuadorCafe Mosaico, Quito, Ecuador

Award Ceremony

I personally bestowed The Five Star Diamond Award to Cafe Mosaico.  Several VIP guests, including press, attended the exclusive event in Quito.

Diana Godoy, General Manager, opened the evening’s event with some words about the Cafe Mosaico experience.  Alex Karras, Founder and Owner, accepted the award on behalf of his team. His three sons were also present to share in the celebration.  I pinned each individual team member with a Star Diamond Award pin.

Time Tracers band entertained the guests. Alex Karras, Owner of the Cafe Mosaico, is also the lead singer of the band.

AAHS awards Cafe Mosaico Quito Ecuador

Congratulations to Cafe Mosaico team for their incredible achievement.  They know how to treat their guests well.  Surely you can sense their extensive experience attending to a foreign clientele.

AAHS awards Cafe Mosaico Quito Ecuador

photo credit: Neptali Godoy