About Me

I am a devoted student of balanced being who values inner peace and inspired introspection.  My extensive work as a luxury lifestyle and travel professional has shown me the importance of living excellence.  Genuine and authentic hospitality and service are some of the best gifts we may give to one another, as well as being our unique and natural selves.  The new luxury is about seeing new ways, cultivating our true essence, understanding our minds, opening our hearts and feeling free to fully embrace everything that life has to offer.

Check in Within

Check In Within is an evolving platform that provides tools from ancient wisdom practices with modern world knowledge to enable others to serve one another with the highest integrity and personal authenticity.  It also shares inspired introspection, inner healing, transformational travel, spiritual growth, bio-hacking, astrology, personal development and luxury wellness.

“Where Are You? -HERE.

What Time Is It? -NOW.

What Are You? -THIS MOMENT.

(Peaceful Warrior)